Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Some roads will get money for much-needed repairs

The government is seeing the need to repair many of our nation’s roadways, mostly due to natural disasters. The Department of Transportation is allocating $62 million to repair numerous roadways and bridges. Although how the money will be spread out is still up for debate, some of the money already has a home. Some of the winners are: Alaska - $11.9 million to repair flood damages, Alabama: $1.8 million for sinkhole damages, South Carolina: $3.8 million for bridge damage and Washington: $5.8 million for landslide damage and another $8.6 million for storm damage.   

This is definitely a good plan by the government. Roads are vital to any community’s survival. If you can’t travel, there could potentially be serious problems. Being in Florida, I have seen many roads ruined by hurricanes mostly due to flooding and it’s very frustrating and sometimes downright impossible to get around. And many towns simply don’t have the money to hire local contractors to repair major damages. So kootoes to the government for helping out.

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