Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Rising gas prices not a problem for all

Seems that everyone is griping and crying over the seemingly never ending hikes at the pump. But, it’s safe to say, not everyone is experiencing these problems. There are multiple cases where the oil boom is actually increasing profits for many businesses around the country. I found many of these businesses, but I thought I’d just highlight three.
1.       Hulsing and Associates Architects: Many cities and counties are expanding their infrastructure and some of those projects have been going to Hulsing and Associates. Most of the projects involve designing buildings like schools, water treatment plants and courthouses. They’re also doing additions to many county courthouses because of all the oil men who come in. Courthouses are expanding in part to better accommodate the influx of oil workers researching land titles.
2.       The Carrizo Springs Javelin: This local newspaper now averages roughly 20 pages per issue up from about 12 pages. This is because of the increase in advertisements. The classified ads are mostly aimed at the oil industry and involve everything from citations for landowners to ads for parking spots for the RVs in which many of the workers live.
3.       Quallion: A custom battery manufacturer is hoping to capitalize on the increasing cost of fuel by selling lithium-ion batteries to power idling trucks. Government grants will allow Quallion to mass produce lithium-ion batteries -- power packs that are lighter, smaller and have a longer cycle life than their lead acid counterparts.
So although the gas prices are hitting many of our wallets pretty hard, some companies are lucky enough to increase profits because of the increases. So next time you gas up, be thankful that it's at least helping some businesses out, instead of hurting us all.

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