Thursday, February 2, 2012

What is Logistics?

When I tell people I work in logistics, the most common follow up question is, “What in the world is logistics?” Luckily the UPS commercials have helped me out a little when explaining what I do. (See the commercial here But what is logistics?
The simplest way I can explain it, what my logistics company does is we move freight from point A to point B. when you go to Target to buy random stuff, how do you think the product gets to the shelf? They certainly don’t make it in the back then walk it up to the front. Everything is made in a factory, many factories all over the country and world. It’s packaged and shipping in a train, plane or semi-truck and delivered to the store itself. Then you get to purchase it and take it home. Logistics: The coordinating and movement of stuff from one place to another. A simple yet commonly overlooked aspect of business.

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