Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Problems with Brazilian Orange Juice Concentrate

Recently, the U.S. began rejecting Brazilian orange juice concentrate because of their use of carbendazim in concentrates which is banned in the U.S. Brazil is currently the world's largest exporter and they plan to accelerate efforts to phase out the use of a fungicide banned in the U.S. after losing about $50 million from rejected shipments this year. Although Brazil requested the US Food and Drug Administration raise accepted levels of the fungicide in concentrate, they were rejected.
What this means for consumers – essentially it means the FDA is looking out for us and we can expect safer products from Brazil. This makes me feel better that they are catching these kinds of things before something bad happens, and not after. On the other side, consumer can probably expect to see a rise in the price of orange juices from concentrate as the demand will remain steady and the supply will drop. But for many, we'll gradly pay the small price increase knowing it went up for safety reasons or simply switch to nonconcentrate orange juice.

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