Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Highway Robbery

It happens to me often. I try to go somewhere and hop on the interstate, settle into the groove of driving somewhere, then I spot that dreaded bright green sign: TOLL PLAZA AHEAD.  I immediately roll my eyes, curse my GPS for doing this to me, then begin fishing for change - Center console, floor board and the bottom of my purse. Sometimes it’s just a quarter, which can be easily found in most cases. But I hate it when I hit $1.50 toll (that I don't have) and I can clearly see a state road running parallel to the toll road I’m currently on..

Although I understand the importance of some toll roads. It can keep up the maintenance on the road and only charge those who use it versus taxing everyone in the area. But nothing irks me more than a toll road that used to be a free highway!
Currently the Senate is proposing to do just that: create toll collection sites on many already existing highways. Sixty-eight transportation associations signed a letter to the Senate opposing the use of tolls on the U.S. Interstate Highway System in the Senate's version of the Surface Transportation Bill (S. 1813). But will the Senate listen? That’s anyone’s guess. On a personal note, taking a toll road to and from work every day would cut about 7 minutes from my commute each way, but cost me $3.00 a day, $15 a week, $60 a month ... $720 a year! I just don’t see the benefits. I’ll take the side road and save the cash, and I think there are many people that agree with me. Changing already existing free interstates to toll roads is a bad idea.


  1. Man I hate tolls!!

  2. I feel your pain! I definitely pray this doesn't pass.