Monday, February 6, 2012


Driving on the road you see all types of drivers: the Sunday driver, the road rage driver and even the lollygagger in the fast lane. Personally, my mood normally dictates how fast or slow I drive. I’d like to take a minute and talk about the most hated driver on the road – Mr. Road Rage.
You know exactly who this driver is. He speeds for no apparent reason, tailgates anyone who isn’t going 95MPH, and will honk and flash his lights if he gets stuck between cars. I’d like point out a few obvious things that many impatient drivers seem to forget. Semi-truck drivers have HUGE blind spots all over! When you tailgate the back of a semi, he cannot see you at all. He is completely unaware anyone is behind him! Slow down and back up a bit. And come on, where’s the fire? There is no reason to be that close to the back of a semi. And obviously it is very dangerous!
Aside from the back blind spot - semi-trucks are so massive their blind spot on the side is just as large! It’s unlikely they will even see you gaining speed then whipping around to get in front. And what if traffic stops? Did you know it takes a semi-truck travelling 65MPH ¾ of a mile to come to a complete stop!?!! Granted, the brakes in your tiny Beemer may be able to stop on a dime, but the semi that you just cut off is going to plow through you!  I know we all get impatient or run late from time-to-time, but take a deep breath and think about it. Being five minutes late and driving safe is far better than risking your life driving like a Mad Man through traffic over a clock.

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