Friday, March 23, 2012

Wawa coming to Tampa

Wawa is a convenience store and gasoline station with a twist — food service comes first, gas sales, second. This unique convenience store might soon replace a former Italian chain restaurant in Tampa at 401 N. Dale Mabry Highway. The stores are native to the north but have been making their way south and just broke into Florida. Wawa also has other plans for building stores in Orlando as well as more loations in Tampa. The residents of the community have mixed feelings about rezoning the land, but I think this would be a great thing for truck drivers. Professional drivers already have a difficult time eating decent meals simply because they lack a fully stocked kitchen. The majority of the time drivers just go in a grab something while their refueling. For this reason, these stores can have a huge impact on the lives of drivers. While gassing up they could have the opportunity to buy something more than a Slim Jim, a bag of chips and a large soft drink. Hopefully these type of stores will continue to thrive and potentially improve life on the road.
From their website: Wawa offers a large fresh food selection, including Wawa brands like Built-to-Order® Hoagies which come in four sizes: the Junior, Shorti, Classic, and Two-Footer. We are also proud to offer our award-winning Freshly Brewed Coffee (over 195 million cups sold each year), the Sizzli® hot breakfast sandwich, quality dairy products and Wawa brand juices and teas. All Wawa stores feature a wide selection of ready-to-go salads, and fresh fruits.

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