Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Small Thing to Help Fuel Economy

Now I know everyone is depressed about the way gas prices have been climbing, so I wanted to share this article I read recently to slightly counteract that. Now many of us have heard before that tire pressure can also affect fuel economy, but I never knew by how much. I always figured it was something that was a pain to maintain and only saved me $50 a year. Well I was very wrong..
The article said that the program goals were to assess the cost/benefit, to determine if the systems could influence maintenance intervals in a positive way and to determine their impact on performance and safety. It went on to explain how they saw an increase in fuel economy in both fleets of 1.4%, which seems small but is a big deal! Based on current fuel costs [about $4.00/gal] and equipment costs of about $1,500 per tractor-trailer unit, the ROI comes in under one year!!

Steers tires also saw an improvement in tread wear of 5/32 per million miles and trailer tires saw an improvement of almost 2/32 on an inch per million miles. The drive tires, however, improved by nearly 30/32 per million miles. The test was a very positive experience for both fleets.
So although it seems like a minor thing, it can make a huge impact in the long run! Read the full article here:

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