Friday, March 16, 2012

163 Citations given for unsafe driving around trucks

Recently, police officers near Portland, Ore. were on the hunt for unsafe drivers. The officers ended up making 216 stops and issued 163 tickets! Woah baby! That’s a lot of driving tickets. What the officer did was drive in a loop on Interstate 5 riding in an Oregon Department of Transportation truck, observed traffic and radioed ahead to other officers to stop offenders. The violations ranged from speeding to tailgating to unsafe changing of lanes. We all hate driving down the interstate and seeing the cops. Although I’m not a big speeder, my unconscious reaction is to hit the brakes. In two days these cops issue 163 driving citations. 163! Seriously makes you think about all the things you do when you’re driving that can give you a ticket. It’s simply unsafe to drive like a maniac and even worse to do it around trucks. I have to say I’m happy they did this and would like to see more cities do this. Let’s crack down on aggressive driving and make it safer for everyone out there!

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