Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Some Interstate Speed Limits May Increase

If you've ever driven on the interstate anywhere, you see huge semi-trucks. They are very large and most drivers have a hard time seeing around them. Personally, I don’t like to drive next to them at all and I will most certainly panic if I find myself in the center lane sandwiched between two of them. It’s not that I believe that truck drivers are poor drivers, I would just feel nervous in such a small car when compared to a 18-wheeler. I more than understand the importance of shipping freight all over the country and realize that these drivers have a very important job. But on the other hand, is it safe for anyone is they are zooming by other cars going 70 or 80 miles an hour?

Although I’ve never personally drive a vehicle that large, I can imagine it would be rather difficult to control a truck at higher speeds. Well, legislature in two Ohio counties feel they should increase the speed limit on I75 in Butler and Warren counties. They want to increase it to 70 mph from 65 mph. To me, this raises some safety questions. And even if semi-truck drivers agree with me and maintain their 65 mph speed, or if they have a truck that actually prevents them from driving faster, the other vehicles on the road will now most likely push the speed limit even more and travel 75 mph or even 80 mph. I think this is just a bad idea for everyone on the road. The article I read said accidents on Interstate 75 in Butler and Warren counties dropped from 1,052 in 2009 to 880 in 2010. Things are looking better! Why would someone want to risk the numbers jumping back up?? 65 mph is plenty fast to get where you’re trying to go while maintaining an certain amount of safety.

Read the full article here.

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