Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Florida drivers can help pick new license plate design

The state of Florida wants to know what you think of the new proposals for a license plate.

Drivers can vote until Dec. 14, and their decision might decide the final design from the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. Anyone can vote on the state website. 

A 20-member committee of agency personnel, law enforcement, tax collectors and representatives from associations worked on the final license plate designs. The agency's graphics artist created the proposed designs.
The state is looking to change the current plate, which was first made in 2003 that has the orange in the center, MyFlorida.com above and "Sunshine State" motto below. The new versions shrink the orange and move it to the top of the plate while keeping the Sunshine State motto. The 2014 proposals also increase the number of available characters to seven from six.

In 1905, the state began to require that vehicle owners register and display their own tag, which were usually made of wood, leather or metal, according to the Pinellas County Tax Collector.

The state still offers more than 100 specialty license plates. In 2011, the most popular ones were the University of Florida, Florida State University and Helping Sea Turtles Survive.

Story from TBO.com

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