Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Secret Service announces RNC security restrictions in Tampa

The Secret Service today released a plan restricting where residents and visitors can drive, park, walk or take a bus during the 2012 Republican National Convention.

That doesn't mean people should avoid downtown, Tampa Police Chief Jane Castor said.

Catching a glimpse of history will have its challenges. Many of the roads near the Tampa Convention Center and Forum, including the lower level of the Selmon Expressway, will be shut down before the convention begins on Aug. 27 and remain closed until after the event ends on Aug. 30.

No offense to the police chief, but if I could I would be avoiding downtown if I could, but unfortunately I live right next to all this madness. My morning walk with my dog will be affected by the RNC. Hopefully they will cut a little slack to residents of the surrounding neighborhoods... Or I’m in for a very long week.

To read more and see the other maps for closures, click here.

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